Survivorship is living with and beyond cancer.


Survivorship Care Plan Project

A small literature is developing related to care planning for cancer survivors. Many of these articles advocate for the use of care plans, describe optimal qualities of care plans, or describe the views of key stakeholders on the possible use of care plans, but perspectives from published studies of the implementation of care plans is extremely limited. The CancerBRIDGES team hopes to contribute to and advance this literature.

Survivors’ Unmet Needs Assessment

To prepare for ongoing cancer survivorship research and program development, we are conducting pilot work to examine the level and type of unmet need in the province, across cancer type, gender, and geographic location. Our goals are to generate future research and programs pertaining to needs, quality of life, and health status of survivors of both adult and childhood cancer.

Virtual Breast Cancer Survivorship Clinic

This study has been designed to assess the need for a virtual, or telephone-based breast cancer clinic for women who have completed their initial cancer treatment and may have been discharged from a cancer centre. Specifically, the study will explore what follow-up care breast cancer survivors are currently receiving and their adherence to published guidelines.

Rural Partners in Survivorship Program

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Intervention Studies for Survivors

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