Survivorship is living with and beyond cancer.

Cancer and Work Website

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Do you have questions and concerns about returning to work following cancer treatment, or about maintaining your current role during and after treatment?


The Cancer and Work website offers a range of helpful resources for those who wish to:

  • Continue to work during treatment

  • Return to work after treatment (when and how to return to work)

  • Search for a new position during or after diagnosis and treatment


Who is the website for?

  • Cancer survivors, healthcare providers, and employers


What kind of information is provided? 

The website offers articles and resources regarding:

  • Common treatment-related symptoms (cognitive, physical, emotional, and psychological) that might affect the way you approach your work

  • Assessment of work abilities to help you understand your unique, evolving abilities and needs

  • Workplace accommodations

  • Workplace well-being and stress-reduction

  • The steps involved in returning to work, including a guide for the process of planning to return to your job

  • Communication with your healthcare team, your workplace, and your insurance provider

  • Government and private programs for alternative sources of income, if you need to take some time off work


What tools are available?

  • Cancer and Work Job Analysis Form

  • Return to Work Planner for employers

  • Energizers & Drainers tool

  • Creating Helpful Thoughts tool

  • Fatigue Tracking tool

  • Task Analysis Worksheet

  • Cognitive Symptoms Work Checklist


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