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Complementary and Alternative Medicine – A Guidebook to Integrative Oncology

Complementary and Alternative Medicine – A Guidebook to Integrative Oncology

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Apart from the traditional treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, there is a growing body of evidence for certain complementary and alternative treatments for cancer and its related side effects. But how do you really know what works and what doesn’t?

This guide, written by the director of the Tom Baker Cancer Centre Integrative Oncology Program, Dr. Linda Carlson, covers everything from acupuncture to Tai Chi and natural health products. Dr. Carlson does all the work for you and cuts straight to the facts about what therapies have research evidence to support them and what therapies don’t.

If you are considering trying things like yoga, acupuncture, dietary supplements, massage, hypnosis, traditional Chinese medicine or energy therapies, it is important to read through this guide and learn what might work for you.

CLICK HERE to download the Integrative Oncology Guidebook.

  1. Sheelagh says:

    Thank you so much for this. I wish I had had this 4 years ago. Wading through all the cancer recovery info & trying to make a rational decision when you are both ill and emotionally stressed is difficult. This is a huge help to either make initial choices or validate/change prior ones.

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