Survivorship is living with and beyond cancer.

Myth #9

Myth #9

If I was not physically active before cancer, it will not help me now…

It can be very difficult to make healthy lifestyle changes after being diagnosed with cancer and many survivors wonder if it is worth the effort. In this video, Mike Lang talks with Lauren Capozzi, a PhD student are the University of Calgary who works with the Culor-Reed Health and Wellness Lab, about exercise and its impact of the health of cancer survivors.

If exercise was a pill, we all would be taking it. If you would like to become more active but don’t know where to start, check out the Thrive Centre in Calgary or the Behavioral Medicine Lab in Edmonton which are both dedicated to researching and developing exercise programs for cancer survivors in Alberta. Also, trainers from the Thrive Centre, including Laruen, teach a number of exercise and yoga classes at Wellspring Calgary free of charge. Visit the CancerBridges Event Calendar to learn more about those programs.

If you have any questions for Lauren about exercise and cancer please contact Mike through the contact form on the bottom right of your screen.