Survivorship is living with and beyond cancer.

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The Alberta CancerBridges team is a large provincial collection of professionals and survivors with special interest in researching and delivering evidence-based survivorship care. Continue Reading »

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What is Survivorship?

In a sentence, survivorship is living with and beyond cancer. Survivorship covers the physical, psychosocial, and economic issues of cancer, from diagnosis until the end of life. Continue Reading »

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Research Study: Are you an adult survivor of childhood cancer?

Posted May 6th, 2014

Long-term survival of a cancer diagnosis is now expected of most children who are diagnosed. In fact, the huge increases in survival rates for pediatric cancer is one of the biggest success stories of modern medicine. However, cancer treatments in these formative years of life can lead to complex long term side effects. If you are an adult survivor of childhood cancer, please consider being apart of this important research project.

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Living with Dying: Patient Stories on Living with a Terminal Illness

Posted May 5th, 2014

Health Talk Online, in the UK, has a collection of 42 patient story videos exploring the experience of living with a terminal illness.

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Cafe Scientifique: What’s physical activity got to do with it?

Posted May 5th, 2014

Do you live in Medicine Hat? Ever wonder how physical activity prevents cancer? Or how much physical activity is recommended? Or what types of activities you should be doing? Come listen to leading scientists from across Canada answer these questions and share the latest research on physical activity and cancer.

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